Choosing the Right (or left) Printer

Choosing the Right (or left) Printer

Choosing the right printer

When choosing the right print shop for your job, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. When making your comparisons for a print job, be sure that each quote is listing the same elements. The main discrepancies are paper stock, coating, and type of printing. These cause the most anguish. It’s often very easy to choose the cheaper price for a set of business cards, because, “it’s just a set of business cards”. Ending up with a business card that was cheaper, but you are embarrassed to hand out is worthless.

The thickness of the card stock should be your first concern. Too thin a card just feels cheap, and that is not the message most of us want to convey. Secondly, choose the right coating. Depending on the style of the card, you’ll want gloss or matte or uncoated. Gloss will make those colors pop, and provide shine that can highlight it’s design. Matte is for those that want a coating for protection, but whose style isn’t about flash. Uncoated is for those who love the feel of the paper and ease of writing on it’s surface. Considering the part about being able to write on a coating, gloss won’t allow it, but matte will with ball points.

Finally to get the best, you are going to want offset printing instead of digital printing for the best quality. Offset provides truer colors and much deeper discounts as the quantity goes up. However if time is of the essence, then digital is the way to go. It’s not the best, but you’ll certainly have it in hand sooner.  Give us a call!

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