PR Writing and Distribution

PR Writing and Distribution


RMS Print & Design offers superior press release writing and article distribution services for independent businesses that want to take their web marketing campaign to another level. Today’s business owners need to do whatever they can to get the exposure that their brand needs in order to catch the attention of millions of consumers looking for their products or services.

Online Press Release Writing

For many companies, working with a public relations agency can be expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there is a better and far more affordable option, something that we at RMS proudly offer our customers.

Our Press-Release writing and distribution services help create the much-needed company buzz that your business needs to elevate your products and services from competitor brands. Talk about latest company news and upcoming events, as well as product promotions and sales announcements. Use it as an additional means of communicating with both existing and future clients.

Our press releases are professionally written and keyword-optimized, which aids in providing your business with additional exposure, not to mention a higher ranking in search engine results. The goal is to direct readers of your press releases to your site.

With our writing and distribution service, you are giving your company a voice. All your latest company news will be shared with your target market, giving consumers a chance to see company developments, which is always a good marketing strategy.

Press Release Distribution

RMS’s article submission and distribution service is specifically tailored to your business’ needs. Our skilled local SEO team utilizes the most effective web marketing strategies to ensure that your company website gains maximum exposure online. Your press-release will be distributed to over 300 of the top online news services, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NY Times and many other local news outlets.  By doing this you will be receiving hundreds of backlinks back to your press-release and to your website!

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